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8 Ways to Amp Up Your Sex Life During Holidays

The holidays are the ideal time to take your sex life to the next level. Whether going on an exotic trip to a foreign land or staying indoors, you can spice things up and shake up your standard sexual routines. Even the most adventurous couples often fall into a comfortable routine regarding sex after years of being together. The holidays are the perfect time to break out of that routine, rediscover each others sexuality, try sex toys and vibrators, or indulge in your most secretive sexual fantasies, desires, and kinks.

This article describes how you can amp up your sex life during holidays.

#1. Get in the right mindset

Take some time to relax and focus on your desires. Creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere can help enhance the experience for you and your partner. This could involve setting the stage with candles, music, or other ambiance elements. If youre concerned that you and your partner might not be on the same page, you can drop hints about your plan. Ask them to pack some sexy outfits, wear revealing clothing, and drop hints about the sexual activities youd like to try. Allow your minds to run free.

#2. Pack sexy outfits and toys

If you're traveling for the holidays, pack a few toys or other sexy items of clothing that will add excitement to your intimate moments. If youre going to a tropical climate, pack plenty of sexy bikinis, jockstraps, thongs, and sexy lingerie. Theres just something about sexy clothing that can get you into the mood, so pack wisely! But even in a cold environment, you can still wear sexy lingerie underneath your clothes. You can also pack some sex toys, like vibrators and clitoral suckers, to take things to the next level.

#3. Role-play your fantasies and desires

This is a great opportunity to explore your wildest fantasies and try new things. Everyone has unique sexual fantasies and desires that they may not feel comfortable discussing with others. But you shouldnt be afraid of communicating with your partner. Your sexual fantasies can include voyeurism, neck fetishism, bondage, submission, and other sexual acts. If youre in a loving and communicative relationship with your partner, you should feel comfortable talking about your fantasies. However, instead of springing the fantasy on them during sex, you should have a conversation and receive their sexual consent first.

#4. Crank up the foreplay

Take your time and focus on building up the anticipation. Tease each other, try out different sensations, and enjoy the moment. You can start by exploring each others erogenous zones, such as the underarms, nipples, thighs, neck, and feet. These erogenous zones contain a high concentration of nerve fibers, so theyre extremely sensitive to touch and different sensations. You can try licking your partner in different places, using heat and cold temperatures, and learn more about their body. This is an excellent precursor to sex.

#5. Do a striptease for your partner

This is a fun and sexy way to show off your body and get your partner in the mood. Practice a few moves in advance, and then give your partner a show they won't forget. While practicing a striptease, you are completely in control. You get to define how much your partner sees when they see it and whether they can touch you. Performing a striptease for your partner can be incredibly sexy and empowering because it allows you to live your sexual fantasy, exercise control, and unleash your innate sexiness.

#6. Experiment with new positions and locations

Trying out new positions and locations can add excitement and novelty to your intimate experiences. This could be as simple as changing the location of your usual routine or trying out a new position you've never tried before. You can also engage in sex in new locations, such as your hotel bedroom, bathroom, outdoor shower, or other areas youve never been to before. Furthermore, you can also engage in shower sex with your partner, try slow sex and tantric sex, or engage in other sexual activities that allow you to take your time.

#7. Gift a sex toy to your partner

Adding new elements, such as toys, lubricants, or role-playing, can also spice things up and add variety to your sex life. Gifting a sex toy to your partner can instantly add another layer of excitement to your relationship. Sex toys are often designed to help you achieve sensations that the human body cant offer. For example, clitoral suckers like Biirds Namii are designed to stimulate the entire clitoral structure and not just the tip — something most people cant accomplish alone. Bringing a sex toy to your vacation can definitely spice things up!

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#8. Talk about your desires

Communication is key in any relationship, and this is especially true when it comes to matters of intimacy. Talk to your partner about what you both enjoy and want to try. This can help create a deeper understanding and connection between you and open up new possibilities for exploration and pleasure. Remember that consent is essential in any sexual activity. Make sure to communicate with your partner and respect their boundaries and desires. If your partner hesitates about trying something new, dont pressure them.

Everyone has different expectations from the holiday season. You and your partner may not have the same expectations for your holiday, so its important to communicate and trust each other regarding intimacy. Following these tips and keeping open and respectful communication with your partner can add excitement and intimacy to your sex life during the holidays and beyond.

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