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8 Simple Tips on How to Achieve Multi-Orgasms

Most of us are happy with one orgasm. Once weve got an orgasm, we consider the sexual experience (whether solo or with a partner) complete. Having an orgasm two, three, or even four times in one extended session seems outlandish or like a fantasy.

But what if you really could have multiple orgasms in one session?

When we talk about multiple orgasms, we’re talking about more than one orgasm in a single session. The orgasms can be spaced out over an extended hours-long session, or it can come in quick, rapid-fire successions, but they have to be within one session.

We should also clarify that were not talking about edging here. Edging is the practice of bringing yourself or your partner to the precipice of an orgasm only to pull back, making the sexual experience last longer without an orgasm. The purpose of edging is to repeatedly deny yourself an orgasm, so you can eventually have an explosive O once you cant hold yourself back anymore.

Edging is an exceptional experience that can test your restraint and help you get more intense orgasms. But were not talking about one explosive orgasm. Were talking about multiple orgasms; just keep them coming. Sex educators claim that people with vulvas can have up to five orgasms per session, though the world record currently stands at 140 in one session (were not sure how thats calculated).

Now that youre aware of the possibility of multiple orgasms and their distinction from edging, lets look at 8 simple techniques to help you achieve multi-orgasms.


To enjoy explosive, multiple orgasms, you need to first strengthen your biology and physical capabilities. Doing regular Kegel exercises can give you the basic framework to experience multiple orgasms. If your pelvic floor muscles are strong and toned, they pump more blood to the pelvic region to induce stronger contractions, which helps you achieve longer, more intense, and more numerous orgasms.

Doing Kegel exercises is simple. You have to simply squeeze the muscles in your pelvic floor, similar to how you hold back urine. Hold and release the muscles for two seconds for a total of 20 repetitions, approximately 3 times per day. This will gradually enhance your pelvic floor muscles, which will facilitate better pelvic contractions and improve your chance of multi-orgasms.


Have you ever noticed that you struggle to orgasm if youre distracted or stressed? Thats because orgasms are more than physiological responses; theyre also emotional responses. To have a truly pleasurable orgasm, you need to be in the right mood. You need to be relaxed and present in the moment, completely connected with your bodily sensations.

To have a truly pleasurable orgasm, you need to be in the right mood.

If youre feeling exhausted or stressed, take some time for yourself and create an environment where you can be peaceful. Relax in your comfort zone, maybe light up some aroma candles, and start masturbating or engaging in sex once youre completely relaxed. This will increase your chance of multi-orgasms or at least improve the quality of your experience.


You should never engage in masturbation or sex with specific goals. Sex is a voluntary activity that should improve your relationship with yourself and your partner. It shouldn’t be a chore connected to a sense of achievement. If you go into your sex session with the goal of achieving multiple orgasms, you might find that an orgasm will slip out of your grasp.

Instead of focusing on achievements, focus on your (and your partner’s) sensory pleasures. Explore each others bodies, be present in the moment, and simply enjoy the sensations. When the orgasm comes, welcome it, and continue (if you want) without expectations. This will certainly improve your chance of multi-orgasms.


If you’re trying to achieve multi-orgasms with a partner, you might be trying new things you haven’t before. That’s why you should actively communicate with your partner and tell them where, how, and when you like being touched. You should be similarly communicative while exploring your partner’s body and desires.

If you actively negotiate boundaries during sex and focus on ensuring each other’s pleasure, you will eventually enjoy a brilliant orgasm. However, if you’re not communicative and hold back on communicating your displeasure about a certain act, you might not get into the right frame of mind for orgasms.


Arousal is naturally an essential component of orgasms. If youre not aroused enough, you may struggle with even one orgasm, let alone multiple. There are multiple ways to get yourself aroused. These include watching porn, listening to audio erotica, thinking about your sexual experiences, reading erotica, sharing dirty dreams or fantasies with your partner. This will get you (and your partner) aroused and increase the likelihood of multi-orgasms. 


When nearing an orgasm, it’s commonplace to start breathing in quick successions. You might start huffing and puffing when you’re close to the precipice. However, instead of quickening your breathing, you should slow it down and force yourself to breathe deeply — in and out. You can also try syncing your breath with your partner. This will help you control the orgasm better and induce multiple orgasms.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are brilliant at enhancing your sensations, especially those designed to induce orgasms. If youre a person with a vulva, you can try using a clitoral vibrator, such as Biirds Namii. Its a small and cute device that uses dual motors to deliver deep and resonant orgasms.

Biird Namii Clit Vibe

Clitoral suction vibrators, and even traditional clitoral vibrators, are designed to induce quick orgasms. If you follow all the other tips mentioned above, a good vibe might help you achieve multiple orgasms in one session. You can also experiment with other types of sex toys, such as prostate massagers, nipple clamps, and more.


The most important thing is to enjoy the journey, regardless of whether you achieve multiple (or even one) orgasms. Sex is about a lot more than orgasms, and your body can deliver various forms of pleasure if you liberate yourself from an expectation to have orgasms every time. These tips will certainly improve your chance of multi-orgasms, but even if they dont work, dont worry and just have fun.

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