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Can Wearing Socks to Bed Improve Your Sex Life?

People resort to numerous techniques to improve their sex life. Couples may try role play, BDSM, wearing sexy lingerie, or other fantasies to spice up the sex life. Some also engage in foot fetishism, which often mingles with domination/ submission power play. However, another thing you can try to improve your sex life is fairly simple and tame — wear socks to bed. The simple act of wearing socks to bed can improve your sex life as a couple.

Socks can cause vascular dilation and arousal

According to a recent study, wearing socks to bed allows couples to enjoy a better sexual experience and orgasms. Amongst the participants of the study, 80% of the couples said they climaxed with socks on, whereas only 50% climaxed without socks. Researchers theorized that socks could dilate blood vessels in the feet to improve overall blood flow, which, in turn, improved erections, vaginal lubrication, and overall arousal, leading to better orgasms.

Cold and discomfort reduce sexual feeling, whereas warmth enhances sexual arousal.

The study in question was published in the International Review of Neurobiology by Professor Gert Holstege, the chairman of the center for uro-neurology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Even if you dont get into the technical details, the reasons for wearing socks to bed seem simple. Cold and discomfort reduce sexual feeling, whereas warmth enhances sexual arousal. So it stands to reason that wearing socks to bed can improve your sex life.

You fall asleep faster and more comfortably

Lots of people like sleeping in cold rooms snuggled under their blankets. Science shows that humans need warmth to sleep comfortably, which is why it’s advised that you sleep after a warm shower. Wearing socks to bed certainly keeps you cozy while simultaneously dilating your blood vessels, which signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep.

It keeps your feet soft and smooth

Cold weather can make your skin feel dry and rough. It can also lead to cracked heels. However, if you moisturize your feet before going to bed and wear socks, you prevent the loss of moisture, thereby maintaining soft and smooth feet. However, you should only wear clean, fresh socks to bed because dirty socks lead to fungal infections.

It can help prevent Raynaud's disease

Raynaud's disease is a condition wherein the blood vessels in your feet have an abnormal reaction to cold weather. The blood vessels in your feet might constrict, making your feet appear pale and white. Socks can keep your feet warm and facilitate vascular dilation, thereby preventing Raynaud's disease even when it’s extremely cold.

Selecting the right socks for your sex life

You also need to select the right socks for the purpose. The socks need to be tight-fitting, so they make you feel warm and snuggly while causing blood vessel dilation. However, if you go overboard and wear overly tight socks, they may cut off blood circulation, which will lead to discomfort and the loss of sexual arousal. Furthermore, dirty socks may create a mental barrier to orgasms, unless thats a fetish you enjoy.

You can also bring socks into your sexual play. Go out and select some sexy stockings or over-the-knee socks. Some people find that really sexy anyway, and the bonus benefit of an improved sex life certainly makes a good case for purchasing socks today! Why not check out our own Biird socks?

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