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5 Tips to Make Sex with a Condom more Enjoyable

Condoms are essential. They keep unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections at bay, allowing you to engage in sexual intercourse with a clear head. Condoms serve as barriers that prevent the spread of bacteria and infections, reducing the risk of chlamydia, HIV, HPV, gonorrhea, etc. Despite their usefulness and value, people often avoid using condoms because its assumed theyre not as comfortable or pleasurable as going raw,” Some even say condoms keep them from orgasming, dulling their sensations. However, before you cast them away and risk STIs, you should try these tips to make sex with a condom more enjoyable.

#1. A few drops of lube within the condom go a long way.

Lubrication provides numerous benefits, maximizing your sexual pleasure while allowing you to get better orgasms. While most people use lubricants outside the condom or on the receiving sexual partner, few consider lubricating the insides of the condom. However, adding a few drops of lubricant into a condom’s reservoir tip before sexual intercourse can truly boost your sexual pleasure. Moderation is key — up to two drops of lube are enough; more can make the condom slide off during sex. Water-based lubricants are ideal for this because of their low density.

The water-based lubricant smoothly transfers sensation to the head of the penis, especially when the condom has a large reservoir tip, i.e., the pouch-like bit at the end. The pouch rolls around the head of the penis with the lubricant, enhancing your pleasure and stimulation. In fact, adding water-based lubricants into condoms works so well that some men say it’s better than going raw. It also helps if the condom has a strong grip at the base and a wide fit at the top.

#2. Get sexy while wearing the condom.

Our perception of events often clouds our physical experience of them. If you have a negative view of condoms, they’ll feel uncomfortable. However, if you train your mind to appreciate condoms, you’ll truly boost your sex life. Men who have had bad experiences with condoms generally recall those events during sex, making their erections weaken. However, just as the mind can be conditioned to loathe condoms, you can also train your mind to love condoms. And that’s where the power of foreplay comes in — wear the condom in a sex way to encourage positive associations.

When youre ready for sex, get sexy and frisky while putting on the condom. Most people consider wearing a condom to be a distraction from sex, making them rush through, treating it like a chore they must do before sex. However, that perception takes you away from the sexual experience. Instead, work condom wearing into your sexual foreplay. You can ask your partner to place the condoms on your penis using their lips or tongue, perhaps combining it with oral sex. Play with different scenarios and styles to change how you perceive condoms, making the experience pleasurable.

#3. Experiment with different condom textures and styles.

In the past, condoms were made of thick rubbery substances that dulled the sensation, creating a massive gulf between you and your sexual partner. However, condoms have come a long way with various styles, textures, and sizes catering to different individuals. You can find ultra-thin condoms, ribbed condoms, lubricated condoms, and much more. Try using different types of condoms until you find a style that suits your preference. You can also use different condom styles while masturbating to identify the ideal condom for your sexual encounters.

These days, the options you have with condoms are limitless. Ultra-thin condoms maintain an extremely thin membrane between the sexual partners, improving the experience. Ridged condoms provide additional stimulation to the penis because of their intrinsic texture. Lubricated condoms favor the transference of sensation to boost your pleasure. And loose-fitting condoms allow the penis to move around inside the condom, feeling more natural than tight-fitting condoms. Choosing a condom is an incredibly personal decision. But the only way to know what you like is to try various options.

#4. Dispose of your bad condoms (and their memories.)

All of us carry bad memories and experiences, but you cant let those moments color all your future sexual experiences. Everyone has had trouble with condoms. Perhaps your condom didnt feel good; perhaps it was too tight or too loose, too hard or not hard enough, too dry or too slippery. Perhaps you were so preoccupied with wearing the condom that you eventually lost your erection, losing the moment. However, fixating on past experiences doesnt help anyone, least of all you. You should let go of the bad condoms that didnt work and your memories of them and embrace new condoms with hope.

#5. Choose the right condoms for your specific needs.

We’ve spent a lot of time convincing you that there’s a condom just for you. You might not have found that condom yet. Perhaps you don’t even believe you can find a condom that improves your sexual experience. But we’re here to help you choose the ideal condom. The following are the factors to consider when buying condoms:

  • Size: The right fit is absolutely crucial for your sexual experience with condoms. If a condom is too tight, it reduces sensation and takes a long time to wear. However, an oversized condom can easily slip off during sex. Generally speaking, the condom should roll down to the base of your penis without excessive leftover material.
  • Texture: Condoms come with various textures and styles. You should try different textures, but the best are those with swirls at the tip. Words like “twist,” “pleasure,” and “spiral” indicate a design that stimulates the nerve-packed head of your penis.
  • Material: Instead of getting latex condoms, get a polyurethane prophylactic. This allows the condom to transmit body heat, making the sexual experience feel more natural. Lambskin condoms feel even better because they stimulate the feeling of skin-to-skin contact. However, lambskin condoms are porous, so they can’t stop STI transmission, though they can prevent pregnancy.

If you follow these tips, you and your sexual partner should be able to enjoy charged, exciting, and safe sex without worrying about loss of pleasure.

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